Ha Noi ranked the list of top 10 paradise street food in Asia

With the diversified dishes and cheap price, HN has been selected as one of 10 most delicious street food countries in Asia. 9 other countries in this list are Penang (Malaysia), Bangkok (Thailand), Singapore (Singapore), Phnom Penh (Cambodia), Manila (Philippines), Seoul (Korean), Xi’an (China), Fukuoka (Japan).

Ha Noi has been also defined as the paradise of street food because of its diversified foods with different taste that offers you many different choices. Most these foods are sold on the pavement together with attractive spices such as: fish sauce, garlic, peppers and mint leaves. The sellers also cook at their stalls before the look of customers while the customers sit on the small chair which is sometimes used as the table to put dishes.

Here are 10 typical dishes of Hanoi selected by SNN:

1. Bun Cha (34 Hang Than street)

Bun cha is the favorite food for people living and working in HN at their lunch. This delicious and nutritious food is often sold on the street. The dish is served with grill pork, special sauce, and noodle. The pork is grilled over the charcoal and put into the sauce made from fish sauce, lemon juice, sugar and vinegar. Eating noodle with this pork and mint leaves. In addition, this nutritious dish is also served with a bowl of chili and garlic for people like peppery.

Charcoal - grilled beef with shrimp sauce| Bun cha

2. Pho (112 Van Phuc street, Ba Dinh Dist.):

The brand name of Ha noi “Pho” has known all over the world with two popular types: beef and chicken noodle soup. “Pho” is often eaten in the breakfast; therefore, you can easily to find this dish at everywhere from the early morning to the middle noon.

Rice noodle|Vietnam noodle

3. Vermicelli and sour crab noodle soup (Bun rieu cua-11 Hang Bac Street)

This is also a nutritious and popular food. This delicious dish includes many different ingredients such as: noodle, crab meat, fried tofu, pork pie and pork. When enjoying this delicious food, you should not hesitate to add a little shrimp paste. Eating with chili and fresh vegetables makes the dish more perfect.

4. Grilled chicken (Ly Van Phuc Street)

Ly Van Phuc Street in Hanoi is known as the paradise of the grilled chicken because of the delicious grilled chicken here. Wings and legs of chicken, potatoes, and bread  are spread the honey before grilling, and then served with chili sauce and pickled cucumber.

Most menus of the restaurants in this street are simple and quiet similar.

Grilled chicken|Vietnam street food

5. Sticky rice (No.6, Hang Bac Street)

In the morning, walking along the streets in Ha Noi, you will see many sellers offering buyers away. This is also a popular and fast food appealing the love of many customers. Sticky rice wrapped in banana leaves and there are dozens of different types such as sticky rice and chicken, corn sticky rice, gac sticky, sticky rice, green beans, black beans.

Xoi|Vietnam street food

6. Iced coffee (Nang coffee, No.6 Hang Bac Street)

Drink a cup of black coffee or iced milk coffee and watching the crowded streets of Hanoi is the elegant pleasures of many people, especially men. Along with bread, coffee is brought into Vietnam by French and become one of the oldest dishes in our country.

Food streets

7. Crab spring rolls (Square Roll at 58 Dao Duy Tu Street)

You can find many delicious spring rolls around the country of Vietnam, but the crab spring rolls made with fresh crab meat is still the number one. Nem is rolled into the square before frying. Crab spring rolls are specialties of Hai Phong city, but now it becomes popular street food in Ha Noi.

Crab spring rolls|Vietnam special food

8. Fish soup (213 Hang Bong)

If you are looking for a great breakfast dish in Hanoi, come and enjoy the fragrant fish soup, hot and nutritious here. Security from rice porridge cooked tender, then add meat and fried fish fillets with spices, served with scallions, ginger, and fennel.

Fish soup|Vietnam special food

9. Roll Cake (Thanh Van Roll Cake-14 Hang Ga)

Roll Cake is a breakfast dish characterized to the North region. Rice was mashed with water, and then coated thin on the pan of hot rolling. Personal gear is made from minced pork with wood ear mushrooms. Serve hot with chili sauce with sausage or father.

Rolls|Vietnam special food

10. Grilled squid (36 Hang Bo)

It is interesting to drink a cool beer and sip a few slices of grilled squid sauce chili hot weather on the day, while watching the busy streets of Hanoi and bustle, you will slowly feel the sweetness and appeal to the rapture of this cuisine. Then dried squid grilled over charcoal and torn, sold in most restaurants in Vietnam.

Grilled squid|Vietnam street food



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